The crisis of the multilateral system and new business

The multilateral system, as it has been forged since the adoption of the Bretton Woods system, is now under heavy attack. Although this does not mean the end of Multilateral International Organizations, it is to be expected that they will continue to lose relevance in terms of the capacity to promote cooperative agendas. They will continue to be relevant in maintaining international rules and in providing information that allows the minimum anticipation of the behavior of international actors. However, their relative loss of political relevance will open space for new forms of international action.
Contrary to popular belief, such actions as the trade war undertaken by US President Donald Trump will not lead to international chaos. The system itself will adapt to more sudden movements and will find stabilization mechanisms.
301/5000 In the short term one should expect movements and counter-movements to be intense and abrupt, but this will not be enough to break the deeper structures of the international system. The big problem that this condition brings to the corporate world is that there is a need for quick answers.
A crise do sistema multilateral e os novos negócios – Parte 2
Trade barriers (tariffs and techniques) will emerge and disappear without time for a rearrangement of the productive structure, mainly because they will be responding to political dynamics.
Companies will not have time to organize in a traditional way, either by looking for new markets or by developing a traditional government relations strategy, focused on changing the picture.
In terms of systemic instability, it is more important that companies are ready to anticipate events and reduce impacts on their operations. In this sense, risk analysis becomes increasingly important. It is not a matter of responding to the situation, it is necessary to anticipate it, reducing the exposure to risk.
Living the future in the present will be the only way for companies to seize this moment of the world to gain space, rather than suffer from the present in the future.

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